Today I would like to welcome my new author friend Aidan Stone to my spotlight.  Aidan is the author of several wonderful multi-genre books.  They involve fantasy, adventure, and a bit of erotica!

I am currently reading the first book in his The Sisters Of Reah Leah Trilogy.  It is an imaginative world full of fantasy, sci-fi, alien worlds, and yes sex…but not so much that it detracts from the story.  I would classify it more as a fantasy adventure than just an erotica book.  However, this is definitely a book meant for adults.  I am enjoying the book immensely and at only 1.99 a book it’s a steal!

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Moon Aidan

over at the Dirty Bit Podcast!


Red Cat Aidan Senate Aidan White Cat Aidan


Purchase Aidan’s Books Here:


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