Athine Issue #1

Athine Issue #1

I know.  I left you hanging for two years to get another edition of my comic book adaptation for Verses of Athine.  Good news is, the next installment is up.  Athine, Issue 1   I did find that Amazon does NOT like #0, so I had to rename #0 to issue #1 and #1 to issue #2.  They told me the website automatically ignores 0 and assumes you meant 1….it also merges all #0 with all #1 of the same title.  As of writing this, that issue has been fixed and my reviews have re-appeared.  (YAY).  I intend to keep numbering the covers the same.  So #0 will show #0 and #1 will still show #1 on the cover.

At some point, I hope to collect the entire set of books into a paper format.  I don’t know that this will come to pass anytime soon or how I imagine.  I am also working on maybe having a full color fantasy art book, a new poetry book, and a collaborative poetry/art book.  I found some poetry the other day that I have not posted anywhere, and it will be exclusive to the new book.  I *hope* I can still remember how to format an eBook for poetry ROFL.

I sometimes feel like I need to constantly create.   Like I have some kind of weird deadline somebody gave me hanging over my head.  However, I have been trying to slow down so I can avoid burnout.  Here’s to hoping that if my stuff ever becomes super popular I will have enough of it available so nobody knows how slow I really am at putting out stuff LOL.



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  1. Aidan Stone July 16, 2016 at 6:31 pm · · Reply

    Where do I buy it?

  2. I’d like to eventually create some fantasy comic books. You’re a great inspiration. Good work with this comic book. Got my copy, read it, and now waiting to see what comes next. Hoping the next one is a bit longer. I know it takes a lot of work to put these comic books together, but they read oh so quickly. 🙂

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