Disappointment #poetry

Disappointment #poetry

Waking up
With the hollow feeling of disappointment
Rattling around in my heart

It gnaws at my happiness
And slowly eradicates it
Maybe I should just accept
My station in life

At my peak
I was nothing more than a sham
A head full of ideas
And thoughts of I can

But reality
Is never that kind
It shows you how you can’t
No matter what you try

A lot went wrong last week.  I tried something different and posted a bunch of pictures I was actually half way proud of, but I got no comments at all.  Stuff at the day job just wasn’t going right.  I also went out of my comfort zone and replied to a post on Facebook about something and got zero interaction.  I don’t often leave the bubble I like to inhabit.  When I do, I fret. Sometimes it pans out, but often I am completely ignored.  I have no clue why I fret because in general I’m just ignored.

I’m including a low rez shot of one of my pictures that flopped.  You want to see better details check out my deviant.

I guess maybe next week will be better?



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  1. I hope this week is better for you Shannon. I’m sorry sometimes my weeks are too busy to visit everything and sometimes I might ‘like’ without leaving a comment if there’s a’like’ button available. I wouldn’t deliberately ignore you though. Poetry is not always a subject I’m happiest with as it’s very subjective.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    • Thank you David. I know you don’t ignore me. I have seen your likes and tweets. Most of the ignoring came from the sites I placed my pictures on in my “gallery”. I used to get at least a few comments or critiques. But between how that site and Facebook both show things, I guess my stuff doesn’t get to be seen at times.

  2. Allright, you’ve sold a copy of your new book. Buck up. I’ll force myself to read poetry even though I know it’s bad for me.??

  3. I just went through your gallery and you have some great stuff in there. I really like the woman with white hair and the blue eye stripe. Will you send me a high Res of the ad for the book collection? I’ll make an ad to put on Twitter .

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