Pronoun Update

Pronoun Update

As of right now, most of my books have been converted and uploaded through Pronoun.  Many of them are live on all the channels.  Some of them, not so much.  I even made a sale the other day on Google Play!  My landing page for my works is and as you can probably tell, I have added this link next to all my books for the “eBook” link on my book page.  I was previously using Books2Read, but I could not get the links to update.  In my personal opinion, the free Author page that Pronoun gives you is better than the Books2Read link, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have both.

I got really mad at my universal links b/c after I scanned, the link address changed and I was under the impression that this should not have happened.   I printed these universal links on cards that I have handed out for each different book and now it doesn’t look like the link is going to work properly.  I have sent them an email asking if there is something they can do, but now it seems the answer is not really  🙁

I really do like the Pronoun platform so far.  Customer service is helpful, but they are small and it can take a few business days to get back to you.  I get that.  I love the author page and I love the control the platform seems to give you over your books.  The templates are awesome and they format beautifully.  Bonus for me is that I can use the formatted word file for both Draft2Digital and Pronoun.  Plus, you get to use your .MOBI and .EPUB any way you like.  You don’t HAVE to publish everything with Pronoun.

Pronoun also sends out helpful emails on keywords, author rank, when your book goes live,  and they even email you when you get a review!

For the most part, my books have transitioned well.  Amazon is the only marketplace where the reviews will transfer and Verses of Athine linked itself to the paperback and transferred the reviews without a hitch.  Gen X and Cursed Bloods are showing on Amazon, but it take the computer about a day or two to link the paper and eBook at times.

My free book is still not on Amazon.  Not sure what that is about…considering that is what started this whole thing LOL.

Stay tuned for more information and exciting things I may be doing!


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