The Beginning: Again

Hello again friends.  Guess what?  I re-did my cover for The Beginning…again.  I’ve changed the eBook cover and it should be available soon…BUT I’m having issues with the Create Space website so you can’t buy the paper version right now.  I can’t seem to get the website to load where I can upload the new cover.  At any rate, I’ve attached a preview.

I changed the cover because I have switched my workflow from V4/Poser to G3/G8–Daz Studio.  My next comic will be featuring my re-created characters rendered in Daz Studio.

I also wanted to change my cover because I had some great ideas while looking at other covers I came across on several similar books.  I really like the name placement at the top these days.  It somehow frees up space.  I’ve also seen a lot of covers with various “doo-dads” on it.  I’ve introduced my own doo-dad LOL.

The problem with the other cover, at least to me, was that I had hit the limits of posing with V4.  Athine just seemed so stiff.  Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 pose a lot better and have a lot more facial controls.  They seem less stiff to me than V4 ever could even though I own just about ever add on for V4 that will make her pose well.

I do own Poser Pro 11, but I cannot use Genesis 3 or 8 fully in the program.  That leaves me using V4 OR Poser original characters for most of the work.  I’ve used Poser and V4 as well as Studio since 2009.  I’m grateful for what I learned with using V4 and Poser, but I feel like it’s time to move back to Studio.

So…look for my new cover.  Who knows…maybe I will redo Verses of Athine as well!


PS-in other news The Wrath of Athena won’t be free on Amazon anymore after Pronoun shuts down this month (January 2018).  They won’t price match it or convert my sales over for me, even though they said they would in the email Pronoun sent me!


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