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A few weeks ago I took a course called Amazon Ads by Rebecca Patrick-Howard.  Before taking her course I knew *some* things about the AMS ads.  I even had a trial run with abysmal results based on some “free” course I had found through one of my groups.  Which was really just a long ad for their 700 dollar course (but wait if you act now it’s ONLY $299 dollars!!) and I felt like they didn’t disclose anything too useful.

I know Rebecca from a few Facebook author groups and I saw that she was putting together this course.  I was interested because she said she was going to show us how she makes money with her ads.  Granted, her business model is a bit different than mine as I am not all in with Amazon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful Amazon Ad.  Anyway, she makes a lot of sales with her system and that piqued my interest.

The course is well laid out and easy to understand.  You can work at your own pace.  I do recommend taking notes to reference back to when you start making your own keywords.  She shows you have to find everything for free but there are also some paid tool overviews.  There’s one tip in there that helped me find better keywords.

I finally sat down and ran two ads using this information.  I now have a master list of keywords, author names to target, and a bunch of blurb ideas.  I messed around some and then I finally settled on making an ad for The Beginning after I changed the cover.  I ran it for a month and got some decent impressions and clicks.  I didn’t have any conversion, but I did sell at least one copy of the larger book randomly during this time and I would like to attribute it to the ad.  I only spent 0.96 cents on the whole thing.  So, even though the computer says I didn’t have any conversion, I think my other sales could be attributed to having the ad going.

In comparison, when I did it on my own before the course I got 41,000 impressions and a few clicks.  I didn’t let it run long enough and I spent $8.00 because my prices for the clicks were TOO high.  I had NO SALES of anything during that time.

The course encourages you to constantly fiddle with the ad the first few days.  I did not do that.  There is a whole part of the course that I need to go and revisit.  I don’t think I watched it and studied it well enough to reap the benefits.

I may not have made top dollar money on the course, but I feel I did make progress in the keyword and blurb venture.  I think pairing that with the cover change helped make the ad more viable.  The great thing about it is you can run multiple ads and cancel them as you desire.  I also didn’t run more than one ad at a time.  I wanted to run just the one and see how it translated.  I think if I had run multiple ads with multiple blurbs it may have been more efficient.

Bottom line is I think if you want to unlock the mystery of Amazon Ads then you should check out this course.  Rebecca goes over in depth what each ad is and which ones are best, which is also great if you want an Amazon Ad but the panel scares you!




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