Sign Up for my Newsletter!

Sign Up for my Newsletter!

Hey!  I’m learning how to make a newsletter.  I know I had one before and then my plug-in broke…thus I stopped sending them out.  But that’s OK.  I’m trying again.  I probably won’t send it out except for special news or rewards or something FUN for only my subscribers.

Sound good?  All you have to do is go and hit the “updates” section in the menu and sign up.  You shouldn’t get an e-mail until I send one out…I haven’t quite gotten all the kinks fixed…so for now it’s a thank you page that might allow you to download a free goodie from time to time.

I plan on sending out some fun and exciting things in the future that you can’t get by following me on social media or following the blog alone.  OOOO.  Enticing?  Come join me!



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