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Lately I have been really trying to work on being more consistent with posting in my blog, social media, or groups.  I have been trying to set up and continue with my newsletter.  I have also been taking lots of online classes about writing.  Yes, it is true that I have a college degree and through both high school and college wrote for over 10,000 hours before I even had the idea for writing a book.  However, there is always room to learn as the world is ever-changing.

I wanted to speak to you today about an opportunity for authors and future authors alike where you can learn how to make 5,000 dollars a month in sales.  No, this isn’t a pyramid scheme or some kind of time-share click bait.  This is an offer for a brand new kind of author course.  I know you have seen the courses that cost thousands of dollars and promise you the great white whale.  You know what though?  Most of them suck.  I’ve tried about 50 of those kinds of courses.  No, I didn’t PAY for them, rather I tried their “free” versions.  What did they have in common?  They all said the same, boring thing.  They didn’t tell you anything of use, either.  Those people clearly only wanted your money.  They didn’t care whether you had it or not.  Many of them even use the high pressure sales tactic of “but you are investing” when people say they are almost homeless in these webinars!

So, where am I going with this?  I want you to use this link to sign up for the Author Grow program.  What does this link do?  It gives me credit to continue on my own journey in those classes.  Why should you click it?  Because I took some of the “free” courses this instructor has given in her Facebook groups and you know what…I started making money on book sales.  I’ve been published for 13 years and the only other time I made these kinds of sales is when I was on Twitter every 10 minutes and hating doing promo.   I have tried for years to build a newsletter, but always fell flat on my face.  After using this instructors techniques?  I have subscribers that interact with me and ARE NOT my mom LOL!  I haven’t even begun to build everything I have planned, but what I’ve learned has been worthwhile.

Here’s what sold me on this class:  It’s $80.00 a month and you can cancel at anytime.  Why is this important?  Because I am freaking poor.  You know what else is cool?  The first class in this course is “how do I make the money to pay for this”.  The instructor has listed REALISTIC and LEGAL ways to make money.  I’ve made over $14.00 in the first three days doing some of the suggested things.   It isn’t a magic “pay me” button and does require effort, but you reap what you sow, right?  Similar courses like this are priced 5,000 to 6,000 dollars.  I’m sure they do work, but this one is only about $1200 dollars in total if you do the budget plan.   You know what else?  It’s normally $1600 dollars and this is the first time a payment plan with instant access has been granted!

There is something else exciting about this as well.  Let’s say you read the Mastermind class list and there is a part you want, but you could care less for the others?  Well, the instructor is rolling these things out.  Right now the very first course topic I got in the Master Class, Series Development, is available as a standalone installment plan.  I’m pretty sure the instructor plans on releasing a lot of the topics this way.

The authors that have already taken the course are making 5,000 or so a month in sales and no they are not writing a book a day or having to do anything crazy.

This course will teach you what you need to know to create characters that write their own stories and books that sell themselves!

I don’t bring you things like this that I haven’t tried or don’t think work.  I wouldn’t have spent an hour writing this and setting up all the posts I have made if I didn’t think this was worth your time.  I don’t blindly advertise things I don’t believe in, either.  You can trust everything I post on here is something I can get behind.


  1. The first lesson will teach you how to make $20-$700 a month to pay for the enrollment!
  2. Many graduates of the previous version of the course are making $5k-$40k+ PER MONTH publishing fiction
  3. It’s well over $1600 worth of classes that you will receive!  The instructor just added a bunch more stuff!
  4. Similar courses are currently being sold right now for nearly $6,000 up front!
  5. Within the first month, students will learn how to increase their sales by 300%-1000% by making ONE small decision that takes only minutes to make and can impact the success of a series for months or years to follow–all on autopilot!
  6. This course is going to teach you everything they need to know to create characters that write their story and books that sell themselves! (But that we’ll teach how they can increase those sales even further with marketing efforts as well!)
  7. You will be helping me to complete the program as well.  There are enough readers for ALL OF US!
  8. Click Here To Join Now!

So, you’ve gotten to the end of the post and now you are like well, I’d LIKE to help but I don’t think I can buy this course.  That’s OK.  I have an alternative way you can help me!  You can send me any amount through PayPal with this LINK to my PayPal.me account.


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