Master Blurbs!

I hate writing blurbs.  I have never met a single author that enjoyed writing their blurb.  Is it too long?  Is it too short?  What the heck do I put in here!?  Example.  I overhauled the blurb for The Beginning.  It’s so much better than it was.


Athine could be the one to save them…or destroy them all.

Athine does not believe in fate, but when she learns she has the power to kill other immortals her fate comes knocking.

Matters take a turn for the worse when the mysterious Kinir reveals that Harmonia, Athine’s beloved sister, is the coming evil fate demands she battle.

Now Athine must choose between becoming the champion that will save her world or saving her sister.

Find out what path Athine chooses by reading THE BEGINNING, a new mythological fantasy that fans of JRR Tolkien, Sara C. Roethle, and Xena will not want to miss.

Scroll up today and one-click your copy to start your adventure with Athine.


And then there is this blurb:

Nothing is ever free…

Serein was born into a world where you either had the ability to use magic or you did not.  For the longest time, Serein believed she was like any other Mirthless and unable to use magic.  Serein was fine with her non-magic lot in life, until it caused her to have a target on her back.

Dahlia was an opportunistic businesswoman always looking for a way to make money.  When she found one of her mother’s spells that could give Mirthless the ability to use magic, she knew she could find a way to turn a profit with her new service—if she could find a test subject.

The day Dahlia chose Serein to be her test subject was supposed to be the start of a new beginning for the both of them. Dahlia thought Serein would be happy to finally have magic, but she was not.  Now Serein must live with the price of her magic, which may just cost her everything.


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