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I am super excited to introduce a really great resource I found.   It’s FREE.  Click here to go and sign up for it.  This is something the founder of AuthorGrow put together to help guide you in your path.  It is similar to what I have tried to do in the past with some of my Writing Tips, but it has a LOT of different resources and ideas.  It has recommended cover artists, editors, and it tells you which of their classes might help you.  It’s a very insightful guide for something that is FREE!  Also, by signing up you can see how the classes work as far as navigating.  It works well on mobile as well as computer.

The Roadmap to Writing Success will provide you with a variety of resources to help you plan your author career with Author Grow! We’ll give you a variety of free tools, as well as a list of resources and an overview of our courses to help you plan the best path forward for your author career!

Included in this Free Course:

  • The FIVE Things Every Author Needs for a Successful Career
  • Planning Your Career for Six Figures a Year
  • Service Provider Database
  • Author Grow Author Case Studies
  • And More!

Of course, the BEST option is to join the Publishing MasterMind class which is found here!

This Publishing Mastermind Course is for authors who want to learn everything there is to know, start to finish, no holding back, from the basics and well beyond into what all the big earners in publishing usually keep to themselves.


  1. The first lesson will teach you how to make $20-$700 a month to pay for the enrollment!
  2. Many graduates of the previous version of the course are making $5k-$40k+ PER MONTH publishing fiction
  3. It’s $1600 worth of classes that you will receive for $960
  4. Similar courses are currently being sold right now for nearly $6,000 up front!
  5. Within the first month, the $80 a month enrollment students will learn how to increase their sales by 300%-1000% by making ONE small decision that takes only minutes to make and can impact the success of a series for months or years to follow–all on autopilot!
  6. This course is going to teach you everything they need to know to create characters that write their story and books that sell themselves! (But that we’ll teach how they can increase those sales even further with marketing efforts as well!)
  7. You will be helping me to complete the program as well.  There are enough readers for ALL OF US!
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