Techy Talk:  Missinglettr

Techy Talk: Missinglettr

In my last few posts I have shared with you the things that help me with social media posting. Social media is important in this day and age. If you aren’t online you don’t exist. So, it is VERY important to post consistently to social media. You could hire a PA, but I know that is expensive and there is always the chance that the PA won’t do anything they say they are doing. You could also do it all by hand, but how many hours does that waste? Why not find a middle ground, then? Do it yourself, but have virtual helpers that 99% of the time won’t fail you!

Missinglettr is another App Sumo steal I lucked up on in 2017. What does it do? It drip feeds a campaign to your social media. I mainly use it to send my blog posts back out on Twitter for a whole year. Why? Because people miss things!

Missinglettr helps me re-post things to Twitter or Facebook with different graphics and snippets over a year. My dashboard shows the traffic to my website and although the metrics aren’t very useful to me, I can at least see the number of clicks and gauge what post did well!

Click my affiliate link under the picture to go to the website.


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