Techy Talk:  RelayThat

Techy Talk: RelayThat

Last post I brought you the goodness of Stencil. I’ve had that program since 2014 when it was Share As Image Pro. It has definitely served me well since that time. I’m especially loving the WordPress plug in functionality of the product. But, today I want to tell you about my 2019 graphic editor love. RelayThat!

Once again, I picked up a killer lifetime deal over at App Sumo. It took me less than two seconds to purchase the RelayThat deal. Why? Just look at the coolness :

Check out my affiliate link:

If you have ever visited my IG account, you will notice that for the last few weeks I have had some killer ads. Do you know where I made those? RelayThat. What I love are the color combos, the templates, and also the fact the text I paste in RESIZES on its own. This is awesome for my poetry!

RelayThat is still pretty new from what I can gather. It has a few hiccups along the way, but there are AMAZING people behind this product. People that care and still personally answer your e-mails.

Next level your graphics game! Check out RelayThat!


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