Social Media Schedulers

Social Media Schedulers

As an entrepreneur, I cannot stress the importance of having an active social media account. A website just isn’t enough anymore for most online businesses. In today’s always on world, people demand a constant internet presence. Yet, creating and scheduling social media content can be a job in and of itself! So, what can be done when you don’t have enough hours in the day to work and make social media posts? Enter the social media scheduler.

Today I’m going to discuss two premium tools I am in love with. Sociamonials and PromoRepublic.

Sociamonials has a lot to offer. You can run contests, track stats, figure out the optimal time to post to your audience, and most importantly schedule posts to your Facebook page, Facebook groups you admin, Twitter, and Instagram. You can easily upload your images, drop in your post copy, and tweak each individual post before scheduling. I especially love the fact that I can drop in text for all the posts in one box and then go in and adjust the text for each platform in a different box. This allows me to add my 30 IG hashtags only to IG or to shorten my Tweets if I get a little verbose. This program starts out at a reasonable and budget friendly $20 dollars a month.

PromoRepublic is a bit more expensive at $50 dollars a month, but the items you get with the service are pretty premium. Yes, you can schedule posts with this. Yes, it has stats. However, do you ever get stuck on what to post? Guess what! They have a bank of things you can choose from to help you create posts. Not only does PromoRepublic offer a built in image editor where you can make your post’s graphics, it has pre-made graphics you can use and edit. The cool thing I found was PR also goes into each social media account and looks at all scheduled posts, even those not scheduled through PR, to give you stats on performance. The cherry on top is the fact that you can schedule a post to Pinterest.

The next time you need some help scheduling your social media campaigns I hope you check out these two very viable options. Either one will make your life easier in the long run.


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