Canva:  Why You Need It

Canva: Why You Need It

I will admit, I used to not love Canva. I just didn’t see the need to pay for something per month when I already had a whole host of graphic resources. In fact, I tried Canva and found the program rather buggy. However, somewhere around 2020 I gave Canva another try because there was a done for you social media type package I bought. The course also came with a short Canva demo and training.

I dove into Canva and found the PRO membership was pretty nice. I was soon opening up Canva more often to make quick graphics on my own. I really enjoyed the “brand kit” option where you could upload your colors and logos to have on hand for every project. I didn’t realize how much time I was spending typing in the hex codes on my other program. In a few minutes a day, I could make a whole week of social media graphics, all my posters, and make signs for my book prices.

At the end of 2021, after I subscribed for another year, I lucked up on a link about Canva’s licensing. I must have not realized what exactly I was getting for my PRO price. The reason I would recommend Canva? The “commercial” license you get with your membership. As soon as I realized I could use the assets in designs for the artist leg of my career, the subscription tripled in value for me. Oh and did I forget to mention they have book covers AND logos you can use?

If Photoshop is too intimidating and you want to make your own professional graphics without spending a fortune, you should check out Canva Pro!


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