Graphic Novel On Hold

Graphic Novel On Hold

The other day I refreshed my graphic novel. I took out some older pages and put some new ones in. I didn’t change the content, only the “advertisements”, which at this point were over 5 years old. Originally this book was available on Amazon in eBook and paperback.

However, after I updated the interior and added the new cover, Amazon blocked the ebook. No email or warning. I had to contact them and I still haven’t heard anything back other than a generic email where they claim they need to protect the customers and I needed to now prove I owned the book. After five years?

Then, they refused to print the paperback version b/c they didn’t like something on the cover. So, I spent last night reformatting the book to manga size so I could get it printed elsewhere. I never wanted to have to format this book again! Something that was supposed to be a simple sprucing up turned into a nightmare.

I am waiting to see if the files are OK for Ka-Blam to print. They printed my original 5 comics, and the quality was good. It’s just not as easy to buy the book from their website as it would be on Amazon.

So, because the Zon totally pissed me off, I decided to just archive the title from them entirely. I’ve taken a lot of my business elsewhere lately. Sadly, this means I probably won’t have an eBook version of this title available unless I sell PDF files personally.

At any rate, here is the new cover Amazon rejected. Hopefully, I will get this approved, and the book prints right through Ka-Blam. Otherwise, I am about to pull my hair out. It shouldn’t be this hard to make a graphic novel. Some days I really, really miss CreateSpace…which is where I initially uploaded the book with 0 issues.


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  1. Shannon, if you are looking for a place to sell PDF comics, check out DriveThru Comics: – that’s exactly what they do, and they have a huge customer base looking for exactly that kind of product. They also have sister sites, DriveThru RPG and DriveThru Fiction. I’ve made more money from these sites than I have from trying to sell my books on Amazon.

  2. And a nice thing about the DriveThru sites is that when you publish a new book, it goes up on their row of “Newest Titles” and stays there until other newer publications pushes it off the end. For a limited time you get exposure right there on the home page absolutely for free.

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