How I Turned My iPad Air Into A Laptop

How I Turned My iPad Air Into A Laptop

My actual iPad, keyboard, and mouse!

Back in 2018, I decided to purchase an “entry level” iPad.  I wanted something I could take with me to my day job that would allow me to write during my lunch break.  I won’t bore you with a rehash.  You can read all about that discussion in this article:

Last year I had my eye on the iPad Air 5th gen with the M1 chip.  I kept reading about how the chip was giving the iPad the ability to become a laptop.  I lucked up on a last-minute Memorial Day sale.  I mean, how do you say no when the model had just dropped earlier in the year, and the sale was giving such a big discount? 

I don’t love most Apple things, but I’ve had my Air for a year now and let me tell you, I love this thing.  Drawing on the device is nothing short of exceptional.  OneDrive & Office 365 syncs well on the Air, allowing me to write on my PC or my iPad seamlessly.  I also can send my PSD files to my PC from my iPad with little to no trouble. 

Of course, even with the cool Logitech folio keyboard attached, I found I didn’t really enjoy writing on the device.  But that all changed when I found a cute keyboard and mouse!  Introducing the POP Keys Logitech mechanical keyboard and mouse.

The keyboard has that “clicky” feel my gaming keyboard has.  There’s something about the noise and the feel of the keys that makes writing a joy.  My daughter even recently tried to steal my keyboard because she was in love with the little clacking noise.  All the clicky clacky goodness, but none of the pesky keys being slower than your fingers business typewriters used to have!

The icing on the cake is the mouse which just brings me joy because it’s PINK and it matches the keyboard!  If you couldn’t tell, I kinda like pink 😊.

So, if you want to turn your iPad into a versatile machine, check out the POP Keys accessories!  I’ve linked the ones I purchased below.     

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Pop Keyboard
Pop Mouse

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