Cursed Bloods

The follow up book to Verses of Athine and the next book in The Daughter of Ares Chronicles is here!

Nikeda did not die. In fact, her cursed bloods flourish in Zarra’s realm. To further complicate matters, Miranda has fallen in love with Nikeda’s son, Drake.

With the truth out, Zarra must choose between killing her friends or accepting Miranda as the prized lover of a powerful enemy.
In the meantime, Athine has discovered another threat to the N’Loron called the Malatista. The birth of this prophesied child may mean the very end of the N’Loron and her reign.

Take what you know about mythology and throw it out the window…..

(For the best results read Verses of Athine and The Secret of Genetic Corp X before reading Cursed Bloods)

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