Editing Services


I have a lot of people talk to me about how to write books, how did you do that, what should I spend money on…which is exactly why I have the author help section.  However, the one thing I cannot impress upon you enough is that editing is a crucial area where you need another human to help you out.  Sure, you can get programs.  You can read it out loud to yourself.  You can have your friend’s brother’s cousin Earl read it.  But, nothing is as good as having an editor polish your work to shine.

Why do I plug my editor so often?  Because she’s great.  I have kept almost every email that she has sent me back on my work.  She encourages me, tells me how awesome my stuff is, and takes an interest in what I’m trying to create.  I keep these emails around so I can get out of the writers rut or the impostor syndrome that sneaks in on all of us creative types.  In fact, it is because of those emails and her encouragement that I have made this dedicated page for her services.

She doesn’t say these things because she gets paid or she’s just a nice person; it’s just who she is.  If she thinks there is something wrong with the angle you used, the character development, or something like your grammar, she is going to be honest.   If she likes something, she is going to say so.  If it stinks, she won’t hesitate to tell you an honest opinion AND give you help in fixing it.  She is like having an editor, proofreader, and beta reader rolled up all into one person.

Tee does so many different kinds of editing.  Resumes, dissertations, novels, short stories; if it is written she can look over it.

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