USA Today Best Selling Author Shannon McRoberts writes epic fantasy and urban fantasy books while living in the rolling hills of Kentucky.   Shannon is a lover of all kinds of fantasy but enjoys watching her collection of favorite shows like Xena, Buffy, Firefly, Fairy Tail, Game of Thrones, and Farscape.  When she’s not busy with taking care of her family, binge watching Netflix, or making fantasy art, she is at her computer weaving myths and magic featuring women of grit and steel.


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Creative Deconstruction: Reimaging Life One Work At A Time
I take the pieces of things I see–a shape, a color, a subject– and reinterpret those things as something new. The simplest shape of a tree branch against the sky can inspire me to create an entire world.


Poetry, like music, is raw and powerful. I believe a poem has the ability to help others heal. I want my readers to take what they want from my poetry–be it joy or sorrow–and use what they’ve gleaned from my work as a means to feel whatever they need to feel.

As an empath and an INFJ personality, I tend to feel things deeply. Poetry is a way for me to channel emotions and purge them from my system…whether these emotions are my own or ones I have taken in from someone else…writing a poem colored by those emotions is a great catharsis for me.

But WHY?

My art focuses primarily on women, weapons, and magic. As a little girl growing up in the 80s, I didn’t know what REPRESENTATION meant.  I just knew there weren’t enough characters like me on TV, in books, or on merchandise.  I never was much of a pretty, pretty princess or a tea party homemaker.  No, I wanted to see  female characters with weapons and magic.  Now instead of waiting for others to give me those items to dream about, I make them.


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