Shannon McRoberts was born and raised in Kentucky.  She graduated with a BA in Psychology, a minor in Sociology, and a minor in Art from Georgetown College.  In her career, she has worked in many exciting art related fields including comics, freelance eBook cover design, and website design.  Currently, Shannon is a weaver of myths and magic when she is not working at her day job.

Always a lover of fantasy, she enjoys comic books, RPGs, and fantasy based themed shows; so, it is no wonder that she has herself become a fantasy author and artist.

She is the author of The Daughter of Ares Chronicles and illustrator for the graphic novel adaptation of the series. She often sums up her series in a single line:  Imagine if Xena and Buffy were to fall into The Lord of the Rings and run across Blade Runner while trying to save the universe.

Shannon hardly has any spare time between her day job, being a wife and mother, and taking care of four crazy cats.  Occasionally, she is able to find fifteen minutes to hide in her closet to brainstorm on her WIPs before anyone in the house catches on that she is trying to work on her books.

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