Monsters live among us and it’s up to the Monster Hunters to help balance the odds.  

To Kill A Siren:  Monster Hunter Tales 1

To Stop A Fae:  Monster Hunter Tales 2

To Free A Djinn:  Monster Hunter Tales 3

“Monster Hunter Tales”, a trilogy of urban fantasy novels, takes readers on a journey to a world just beyond our own, where mythological creatures and ancient gods hide in plain sight, unbeknownst to most humans.

The first book, “To Kill A Siren”, introduces us to Lexi, a young woman named who discovers she is a part of this hidden world. She learns of her connection to the hidden when a monster tries to strangle her friend. Using an ability she didn’t even know she had, she is able to pierce the veil which separates the mythological world from the human world. However, discovering her powers comes with a whole host of other issues, like being charged with attempted murder. As Lexi navigates her new reality, she quickly finds there are even bigger issues at hand when she discovers the monsters are targeting her friend Gareth and ex-best-friend Raven—and those monsters are hellbent on destroying the only two people Lexi ever cared about.

In “To Stop A Fae”, the second book of the trilogy, we meet the recently orphaned Sakura who must deal with her own connection to this hidden world while dealing with the death of her mother. Sakura learns of her destiny to stop the dark god Yamatai, who once threatened to engulf the world in an endless sleep. Her journey is further complicated by the feelings she develops for Akuyaka, despite her mother’s warning not to trust him.

The last book, “To Free A Djinn”, sees the battle between good and evil come to a head as Lexi and Sakura join forces to help save a kidnapped djinn named Beau. During their search for Beau, they uncover the master plan of Lord Devyn; a powerful mage who hopes to use Beau’s powers to turn back time and conquer The Land of Man. Lexi and her allies must use all of their skills and knowledge to defeat Lord Devyn once and for all, but it won’t be easy because Lord Devyn has amassed years of magical knowledge while living in Tír na nÓg. As the fate of the known timeline hangs in the balance, Lexi must confront her own epic destiny and make the ultimate sacrifice to save both the mythological world and humanity.

With intricate world-building, thrilling action, and a cast of memorable characters, “Monster Hunter Tales” is a trilogy that will keep readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.