Dead men tell no tales. Tempest Danvers tells tales for them.

Tempest Danvers has created a bestselling author career telling stories no one else can hear. For Tempest, giving a voice to the lost came naturally—until her beloved step-sister Maria shows up asking for help after her mysterious death.

Now, instead of simply recounting a tale, Tempest will set out to track down a murderer armed only with her gumption and supernatural gift to speak to the dead.

Murder in Loft 36: A Tempest Danvers Supernatural Tale is, in a word, surprising. In a book filled with twists and unseen turns, author Shannon McRoberts takes us from “What if Jessica Fletcher was the Ghost Whisperer?” and throws us headlong into a web of fairy espionage and betrayal, rife with cursed bloodlines, tyrannical leaders, and yes, even a romance. There is a lot to uncover in this novel—easily enough that with some extra fluff it could be a couple books—but McRoberts weaves it snugly between two covers.

D. Gabrielle Jensen
Author of the Fia Drake Soul Hunter series