The Narkurru: Book 2

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Book 2: The Narkurru

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Take what you know about mythology and throw it out the window. 

Sixteen year old Isri dreams of marrying a handsome prince from a far away land. She has no desire to become the Raelisuir of her town, Cerynian, like her mother. Instead, she wants to become queen of anywhere else. However, things change when she starts having troubling dreams of a strange woman begging her to come to the dead city of Ialo. Isri relents and visits Ialo later that day with her suitor Est’it. Once in Ialo, she learns she is the only one that can break the blood oath made between the Cerynian people and a Narkurru demon named Lye-Ashe. The souls of her future children hang in the balance for if she fails they too will become cursed with the blood oath.