To Free A Djinn: Monster Hunter Tales 3

To Free A Djinn:  Monster Hunter Tales 3

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To preserve her future, she must embrace an unknown past

Isabeau “Beau” Fiammetta is a Djinn, only she doesn’t know that.  When a stranger shows up at her repair shop claiming she owes a debt to Lord Devyn, Beau is faced with being captured by or hiding from this man.  Isabeau tricks the stranger and runs towards her friend Kian’s store to hide.  Just when Beau thinks she has escaped, the stranger tracks her down and uses a magic lamp to capture her.

Forced to travel to Tir Na Nog, Beau learns she is a Djinn and has the potential to alter time itself.  She also discovers her only hope of getting back home is by learning to use the magic she never knew she possessed.   Of course, if she masters her time magic, Lord Devyn plans on using it to turn back time and conquer The Land of Man.

Will Beau learn how to manipulate time and return to the arms of Kian or will she choose to let go of her past and save everyone’s future?


Coming Spring 2020!