To Free A Djinn: Monster Hunter Tales 3

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Time is no obstacle for a Djinn

Lord Devyn has waited years for his contract on Isabeau Fiammetta to come due.  He is more than elated when he hears Beau Fiammetta, Isabeau’s father, has passed away.  After verifying the death of Isabeau’s father, Devyn wastes no time in sending his most trusted associate to bring her to him.  Isabeau is the only person that can help Lord Devyn enter The Land of Man.

Isabeau “Beau” Fiammetta is a Djinn, only she doesn’t know that.  When a stranger shows up at her repair shop claiming she owes a debt to a Lord Devyn, she runs away to hide out in her favorite coffee shop.  Kian, the barista Isabeau is friends with, tries to hide her from the man.  Unfortunately, the man tracks Isabeau down and uses a magic lamp to capture her.

Enraged by the kidnapping of Isabeau, Kian demands The Council rescue her.  Estrella, a leader of The Council, is reluctant to become involved in the matter.  However, the tides turn when Estrella learns this Lord Devyn intends to use Isabeau’s time bending powers to return to The Land of Man and conquer it.

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