To Kill A Siren: Monster Hunter Tales 1

To Kill A Siren:  Monster Hunter Tales 1

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If Lexi can’t control her powers, Gareth dies!

Lexi River had only one job–keep Gareth Blaze out of trouble and on time for his appointments.  For the most part, Lexi was able to keep Gareth’s nose clean and his name out of the tabloids.  Usually any mischief he found himself in was easily taken care of with a few phone calls; until Gareth fell head over heels for a mysterious girl named Genevieve.

Genevieve was otherworldly and elegant.  Lexi hated her from day one.  There was something not quite right about her, but Lexi could never figure out what bothered her about Genevieve.  Everyone chocked it up to jealousy, until Lexi’s worse fears about Genevieve were realized when she causes Gareth to lose his fortune in a business deal gone bad.

Penniless, both Gareth and Lexi are forced to return to their childhood hometown in Kentucky.  It was a place neither one of them wanted to see again, but Lexi was determined to make the best of the situation.  Things were finally looking up for the pair.  That is until Gareth fell violently ill and Lexi was charged with his attempted murder.


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