To Stop A Fae: Monster Hunter Tales 2

To Stop A Fae: Monster Hunter Tales 2

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Do Not Trust Akuyaka

When 21-year-old Sakura’s mother suddenly dies it turns her whole life upside down.  Now a penniless orphan, it is up to her school’s leader, Headmaster Eyoroko, to decide her fate.

Things take a turn for the odd when Sakura receives a letter from her deceased mother.  The letter warns her not to trust Akuyaka.  Within minutes of reading the letter, Akuyaka appears claiming he wants to rescue her.  It seems Headmaster Eyoroko’s plan is to force Sakura to work in the local pleasure house.

Now Sakura must choose between the lesser of two impossible situations…trust Akuyaka to save her or stay and live a lifetime of servitude.

Coming September 2019