www.shannonmcroberts.com being redirected #ASMSG

I spent a good majority of Saturday getting my new website in top shape.  Who needs to finish writing a book? Anyway, I digress.  I wanted to let you all know that www.shannonmcroberts.com is being redirected.  This involved me changing the DNS back to my original registrar and away from WEBS.  Bleah.  I put a note on the WEBS site with the new address, but I wanted to get it out there just in case someone came looking for me 🙂   Please keep these domains handy:

www.artistauthorpoet.com, www.daughterofares.com, www.shannonmcroberts.com, and of course www.theobsidianpoet.com.  Yes, I have 4 domains!

I have stopped posting on obsidianpoet.blogspot.com, obsidianpoet.wordpress.com, my WIX site, and my WEBS site.  They are still there, but changes are coming 🙂

On more exciting news, please check out this YouTube rendition of my poetry one of my friends created!




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