Themify me beotch!

When I first started my quest for a better blog, I kept running into “WordPress” blogs and themes.  I had a free WordPress site and it was nifty, but it did not do much.  The themes I liked were REALLY expensive too.  WOW.  It was only after talking with a good friend that I found out that you can have “self-hosted” WordPress blogs.  It was also after talking with this friend that I realized my host already offered that.  I did not have to spend a penny more to turn my new .com into a WordPress blog.  Woohoo!

But, I did not want just any old run of the mill template.  It had to look bigger and better than the one I built in Photoshop or had from Blogger.  So, after some web search I found Themify!  Why is this so exciting?  It is not like the service is free…..Well, for one they have free blog themes you can get and try.  They also have an interactive demo of each blog theme they offer.  However, the best thing is their builder.  You can easily add buttons, tiles, contact areas, videos and much much more.  You can also do stuff while looking at your website and change where something is by dragging it around!  That is great for people that really have no clue how to make half of WordPress work.

Hold on folks!  I’m not done.  Let’s talk about pricing.  For $39.00 US you can buy a blog theme and it gets updated FOREVER.  No club no junk to subscribe to.  They also offer a buy one get one free  on the themes…so that is two themes of any kind for thirty-nine bucks.  Not 99.  Not 40 bucks a year.  No clubs.  No gimmicks.  Just purchase it and download.  It gets better though.  They have a developer club where you can pay them for a 1 year membership and download ALL of the themes.  ALL.  The only drawback is that after a year they won’t auto update and you lose the support portal, but you can easily get the support portal by purchasing a theme.  Yet, the files you download are always the most up to date so you could always grab them all again right before the membership ends to have the most up to date files.  You can use them forever, even after the membership ends, which is pretty generous considering they only charged you like next to nothing!

This was so much better than any deal I found.  A lot of people will sell you everything for a one time fee of $399.00 and I guess that is cool too if they never “expire”, but what modest blogger can afford all that?  Plus, does it have the fancy drag and drop builder?  I think not.  With the builder you truly can make your site not look like a blog.  One would think is not a blog theme, but it is…..

They also have a money back guarantee.  You should check their blog often too b/c they offer great deals and coupons, especially if they release a new theme.


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