Reign: What’s Not To Like?

Once in a while a show will come onto my radar and I will be intrigued.  Sadly, for the last few years I have not really found a show to totally enjoy.  I waited on pins and needles for Dracula, but so far it has had a factor of “meh”.  I got excited for Tomorrow People, but again was left with “meh”.  I still love Vampire Diaries, but it doesn’t give me goosebumps anymore.  (Well except for those scenes with Ian Somerhalder!)  So, what is a girl to watch?  Enter another show I couldn’t wait to see:  Reign.

It’s beautiful to look at, I love Mary, and it’s full of lusty angst!  I find myself being engrossed so much in the plot that eventually I became curious as to how “accurate” the show was in a historical sense.  I figured it couldn’t be very accurate because who really knows what Mary did day to day as a teenager.  I found a lot of the base facts were pretty much spot on and then the rest, as I figured, had liberties taken.  Yet, I was rather alarmed that some people, even after just two shows, were bashing the show for not being “historical”.  Uhm.  Well I am pretty sure it never said it was a “historical” work.  I think that may be why I love it so.  Truth mixed with fantasy.  They have taken something that was very real and turned it into this wonderful show.

I think another reason I am so in love with the show is because my book, Verses of Athine, takes things like historical facts and weaves them into a fantasy world.  When I sat down to write the stories of the N’Loron Universe I was trying to fill an entertainment void that Nikita, Buffy, and Xena had left.  However, for me, with the addition of Reign to my TV viewing options I think some of that void has been filled.

What do you think of the new show Reign?  Does it bother you that it is not 100% “historical”?


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