Post #2 Athine Verses: The Beginning

Verse One:  Chapter 1:  Harmonia

“Try harder then, Harmonia,” replied Ares as he stood next to his daughter.  She was such a fragile looking thing.   She inherited her sun streaked reddish blonde hair from her mother.  Her crystalline eyes had elaborate swirls embellishing them.  She had the grace and poise of a beautiful young nymph.

“Father, I am only part immortal.  I am trying as hard as my watered down blood will allow,” cracked Harmonia.

For days, Harmonia had been trying to make the frozen golem move.  Long turned to stone by her aunt Medusa, the Oracle Kinir predicted Harmonia would be able to release the stone golem.  Although she was the daughter of Ares, an immortal god of war, her mother was only a half immortal.  Because she was only part immortal, Harmonia was rather weak when it came to her magical abilities.  It made no sense that the Oracle would have foreseen Harmonia breaking the spell.

“What, exactly, did the Oracle say?  Are you sure that she said I could do this?”

“The Oracle said that my favorite daughter would be able to break the spell.  That she would be from two different bloodlines and possess magical abilities.  She also said that I would have to wait many moons for the golem to awake, but when it did I would surely rule all of Olympus.”

“So, she never specifically said that I, Harmonia, would break the spell?”

Ares contemplated what his daughter had just said.  “Well, no, I guess not.  But I have no other daughter from a mixed bloodline with magical abilities.”

“Perhaps I should go to the Oracle and see for myself if this is my path.  I think you may have confused what she has said with what she may have meant.  It is always possible that the Oracle is speaking about another daughter that you may have.”

“Yet, I do not see any of them being more precious to me than you, my beautiful Harmonia.  The way you handle yourself in battle is unmatched.  I could not be prouder of your or your abilities.  No child that I have ever had has been as adept as you in the art of war and grace,” Ares protested.

“This may all be true father, but I will still go to the Oracle and ask of my path.  I will see what she has to say.”  With that, Harmonia disappeared from the clearing where the frozen golem stood.  It was only a short walk from her father’s stronghold to the Oracle’s court.  She sat high atop a plateau where she had a large courtyard overlooking the terrain.  Kinir was the only oracle not afraid to speak to the immortal born.  Most oracles preferred to take money from humans and give ambiguous at best advice.  However, Kinir was accessible to only the most powerful immortals and she refused all manner of payment.

“Welcome, Harmonia! Come sit with me beside the fountain.  I know why you have come.  You would like clarification of your father’s prophecy, correct?”  Kinir asked as she motioned for Harmonia to sit next to her.  Kinir was beautiful, but she always wore a sad expression.  She had long blonde hair, which she wore partially up on her head.  The rest of her bright hair streamed down her shoulders.  Her eyes were a peculiar shade of grey.  Harmonia studied Kinir’s face for a long time thinking that it was familiar, but she could not place how she knew her.

“Yes, great Oracle, I am seeking to find the true answers.  I have tried to fulfill the prophecy you have given my father, but it does not seem I am the one that can unlock the stone golem.  I was hoping you could give me some insight.  I want to make my father happy, but I do not want to waste his time.  He is very much set on his plans to rule.  In order for that to happen, you have told him the stone golem must awaken.  I have tried for twelve consecutive days and nothing has worked.  I do not know what kind of power is needed to unlock this creature,” Harmonia explained.

“As you have suspected, you are not the one that will unlock the stone golem.  Your father will have another child blessed by special magic that will awaken the golem.  Once the golem is awake, your father will have glory and rule as he always has dreamed.  In order to make this happen, though, you will need a special gift.  I grant you the ability to see what others cannot.  To show those that cannot see what you have seen; to convince those that are unbelieving.”  With a touch of her hand, Harmonia received a new set of powers.  She was now a prophetess who could receive and share visions.

“Go now, Harmonia, Prophetess of Kinir, with my blessing.  Use your new powers wisely.  Trust your judgment.”


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  1. Fine writing Shannon. It pulls you in to want more.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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