The Legend of Hercules (Movie Review)

I don’t normally write movie reviews, but my husband checked out The Legend of Hercules for us to watch from the Library the other night.  As you know, I write mythology based books, so I love most things mythology.

The movie was clearly set up for cool 3D effects.  For instance, did the movie really need random petals, ash, dust, etc. floating around a certain times?  Then there was the scene where he was flinging the rocks at the end of the chain.  However, that was about it.  There was not much substance to the story.  It is as if they literally tried to stretch out a small mythology legend from a school book  into something more.  Therefore, I would consider just skipping this one as there isn’t much there to enjoy as far as story.  This is nothing like Hercules or Xena from the television!

PS-part of the reason I started writing in Mythology was because I wanted the characters I learned about to have more in-depth back stories.  So, if that is what you enjoy as well then perhaps you should keep in mind that this movie, while not the worst movie I have viewed, just will not fill that “more story” void.


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  1. I read the blurb, watched the trailer and even looked it up on Wiki. I feel the same way. As I am a Greek mythology fan, I understand that people will change the story from the old classics but this one takes the cake.

    Fortunately, because the hotties of all hotties (Scott Adkins) is starring in it, I’m going to get the DVD or rent it, whichever comes first.

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