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Have you noticed anything new lately?  If you hang around long enough a pop up will allow you to sign up for my email newsletter.  In exchange for signing up, you will get a Smashwords coupon for a free eBook.  I am not quite up to writing a recurring newsletter, but if I can get enough emails I may be able to start one.  In the very least, I will start building a mailing list!

I have added some new pages.  I now have my writing tips series on one page in date order for convenient reference. I was going to keep it super secret and do something with it, but who am I kidding?  Everyone deserves to read my tips!

I have added a page that has three buttons on it to direct people to the places where you can buy my art.  Coffee Table Art style books are on Blurb.  The button is “Art Books”.  I have a link for Deviant prints.  I also have a link for my Zazzle store where you can buy gift items featuring my art and some prints.

I have added a button in my menu to my Patreon site.  Here you can give me money because you love me 🙂

At the bottom of each page is also a new kind of contact form.  I’m trying out a new plug-in and so far so good.

My most exciting news comes from finally finding a “category” to stuff ALL My work into.  My poetry and my prose are all “New Adult” or “NA”.   I honestly just learned of this category and after surveying my fans and editor they agree that this is a good fit for my works.

Now, back to working on The Price of Magic  and The Price of Immortality.  


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