What Inspires My Stories

The other day I shared a little bit about my journey to becoming an author. Yet, another important facet of writing is the ability to come up with great ideas for stories!

As I alluded to before, I write tales featuring women, weapons, and magic because I want to provide entertainment where the main female character is more than just a sidekick. I bet you think at this point my stories are inspired by some epic things. Yet, it’s really fun to remember what really sparked some of my ideas. Here’s a run down of a few of them:

The Secret of Genetic Corp X: I was in the shower and I had a thought. What if you woke up with a head full of memories, but no sense of self? It reminded me of something I would have explored in Sociology or Psychology.

The Beginning: The world would quake at her feet. This daughter of Ares. Sure I might have been channeling my inner Wonder Woman/ Xena/Buffy, but this snippet from my mind created a whole world.

To Kill A Siren: Heard some people talking on the radio about how you always see these uber rich guys get eaten up and lose all their luck after they break up with some of these soul sucking celebrity women. The guys are always all strung out and sad looking…losing everything. The women? Out with somebody else in 48 hours.

Unreleased Trilogy: I loved The Originals on the CW. I cried ugly tears on that series finale. But there were one or two things that niggled in my mind that I didn’t like. Mostly the afterlife scenes. I was thinking about it one evening while cooking and out came a trilogy. And no, it’s nothing even remotely like the show. But from one little thought sprang three books. 1 is written and the others in the series are outlined.

And this gift my friends is why I have 30 WIP right now. You know how oysters make pearls from a tiny grain of sand? That’s kind of how I come up with my stories. A tiny sentence or idea and bam I have yet another project to complete!


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