My Favorite Dragon Show

::Looks at calendar:: Oh, I have nothing I need to schedule. ::Sees friends posting about dragon shows:: Double checks calendar. Oops. I forgot to write the post I was the MOST excited to write. I guess it’s good the schedule says “anytime” on 11/2, eh?

I love fantasy. So, thinking about entertainment I love with dragons shouldn’t be hard. Sure, I could say Game of Thrones. Or Never Ending Story. But none of those are my favorites. Nope. My favorite is an anime called Fairy Tail. And yes that *is* how you spell it.

While my husband was always obsessed with Dragon Ball, I never really found a long running anime I loved. That is until we started watching Fairy Tail. I became obsessed with the show and before I knew it, I was all caught up. I then had to spend the last six months waiting patiently for each show to post in English. Unfortunately, the series finale posted two weeks ago. ::Sad Face::

Fairy Tail is an awesome show following a guild of magic users. The title guild, Fairy Tail, even had three special mages called Dragon Slayers who were raised by actual dragons. There was another Dragon Slayer in the guild, but he wasn’t raised by Dragons and instead had a special crystal implanted to give him the abilities. Anyway, I digress.

Did I mention there were dragons? Well there are!

I can’t even describe how much I love this show. I was sorry to see it end, but I have recently learned the saga continues in a new manga called 100 Years Quest. I’m sure an anime will follow, but it won’t be for awhile. So, in the meantime, check out Fairy Tail either in the anime or the manga forms.


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