Final Fantasy Online: A Realm Born To Flop?

I don’t like to play FF games, but my husband loves them.  For the last year all he has been waiting for is the revamped online MMORPG. 

This weekend started early access. This weekend was apparently beta phase five.  The game officially launched on Tuesday.  However, I doubt anyone got to play much. There have been at least six maintenance patches.  Since Saturday.  Yet, there are still major issues with the ability to get logged in at certain times of the day.

My husband got up early to get online.  Yeah.  The world was already full at 7:15 AM on a Wednesday.  Seriously.  Doesn’t anyone sleep/eat/work?  Oh wait.  They must have logged in and then just sat their character down and left until they were ready to play.

So, why am I cursing the game that I don’t play?  Because it frustrates my husband that he cannot enjoy this game he waited for.  I know how this feels.  It is misery, especially if you only have a few hours to play and then you are unable to get on due to server issues.  That is like an unfinished orgasm to a gamer. 

I was hoping this game would redeem itself.  I am thinking no.  What good is a game that you cannot log into?  What good are loyalty items when you can’t log into claim them?  If they knew this was going to be a hit, then why not have adequate server space?  The game already has a bunch of negatives on Amazon.  Hum.  Trying to compete with the last SIM City?

Oh wait.  I know.  They want to test this game for another month before anyone has to pay so they can charge you with a straight face.  This seems oddly familiar.  Maybe like the last time I sat through a FF online game launch?

Please.  Please.  Fix your log in issues soon FF!  I was hoping that a few monthly game cards would make a great birthday present for my husband and a few more for Christmas.  At this rate, he may give up on the game before we make it that far!

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