Cyber Bullies Suck

Whomever said sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you must have never had experience with a cyber bully.

At least with real life bullies you can grab them and shake them till their eyes bleed.  I used to be bullied, but I stood up for myself and it ended.  But, if you stand up to a cyber bully what does it get you?  Heckled.  Sock puppeted.  Stalked.  Shamed everywhere you go.

Cyber bullies are the worse kind because they cower in the world of anonymity.  There is little more than some pixels and an IP address.  There are also little in the way of laws to help victims. 

It is all fun and games until someone commits suicide.  Or can’t release a book.  Or is afraid to even ask a question.  Then it turns into something much worse.

Apparently there is a mad rash of crazy people out there in the review world not just on Amazon, but also GoodReads who are doing troll like things and causing horrible damage to real humans and their lives.

So, today, I wanted to bring my readers a blog post and a really cool site that is trying to get the word out about these attacks.  It is bringing light to this epidemic.  I pulled this post because Kriss is a GREAT person and unfortunately this story is becoming more and more common place.  People being mercilessly attacked for having an opinion or asking a question.

Please read all of the great articles.  There are too many sad stories! 
Everyone has a right to an opinion, but nobody has the right to bash another person for that opinion.  We are not all politicians!  Please don’t act like a smear campaign manager.

Obsidian Poet


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  1. How do Cyber Buies get stopped? By having the good guys being them out of the dark and show positive support to those being stalked and shamed. Thank you , again, my friend!! For every 10 asshats another single supporter erases a little more of the hate away!

  2. It’s hearing about cowardly people like this that really pisses me off. The internet is supposed to be a place where anyone can go and look at whatever they want. They shouldn’t have fear that if they log onto their FB accounts, then they’ll see a bunch of messages from someone telling them to go die. They shouldn’t have to go through anything similar like that. I wish I could give advice for anyone out there going through this horrible situation, but I guess I’d have to be in your shoes first to know what it’s like right? Anyway, good post.

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