Wicked, Jagged Love (poetry)

Drowning under the waves of your love
Time ripples through me
Crashing against my heart.

You will never know the sorrow that you sowed
In me all those years ago
Leaving me with only thorns to grow.

Wicked, jagged love
That is all I have
Leaving wakes of sadness along my path.

Did her love pay you all that you were owed?
Did you merely reap what you sowed?
Are you endlessly drowning under the waves of our love?
Or are you too full of wicked, jagged love?


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  1. Stephan Attia September 25, 2013 at 5:25 pm · · Reply

    It was a sweeping, drifting poem; Melancholy with a tang of divinity. I really love the epic taste of your poems. This poem felt epic and celestial. I love the symbols of water in your poems, as they always make contact with the reader’s emotions. It was a powerful poem, profound, and sentimental. Once more, the message of love consumed me. When is the next book coming?
    In total admiration,

    P.S: It is strange with your poetry, Shannon, for each time I am seeking your verses in order to feed my intellectual mind that they penetrate my delicate heart. I must admit here, you are both a mind waker and a heart breaker.

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