#swissherbs to the Rescue thanks to @klout

I like free stuff.  I like trying out products.  Especially if they are quality products. Since joining Klout, which to tell you the truth I had no idea what it was at first, I have gotten 3 awesome free deals.   I did tweet about most of them, but one of them is waaaay better IMO.  Before Christmas Ricola and Klout sent me this amazing perk.  The box it came in freaking sang!  I grew up always laughing at the Ricola commercials.  Yet, I was never really sure I would ever try them b/c everyone in my family used something different, and they never seemed to be on sale when everyone was sick!  Needless to say, I was thrilled to see two full sized drops in my box that sang.    Unfortunately, my dad became really sick, and he needed them more than me.  He said he liked them.  I was glad b/c it saved him a trip to the store when he was feeling bad.

Last Friday I started feeling bad.  The Polar Vortex thing was coming, and we had to pull out the enclosed oil heaters to supplement our weather.  I live in Kentucky, we don’t have windshields of -20.  You know what happens when you combine a new awesome allergy medicine and extra dry heat?  You get a dried out, bloody nose and a sore throat.  I have literally been miserable for almost a week.  Until yesterday!  I knew Ricola was sending me a “follow up perk” but I didn’t know what or when.  Yet, right on my porch when I got home was a big envelope from Ricola.  It contained two more full sized bags of drops for me.  I didn’t give these away.  I tore into that regular yellow package bad boy and after just 1 drop I didn’t have a sore throat.  NOTHING has ever worked like that for me.  Not salt water, not Halls, not nasal spray.

As a bonus, when I woke up, my throat was a little better.  I am currently sucking on one of those drops right now.  It has stopped me from coughing and I can actually talk.

I know for me, in the future, if I have to buy cough drops I am going to keep getting Ricola brand drops!


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  1. Glad you’re feeling a bit better Shannon. There’s nothing worse than feeling miserable and unwell. Their timing was perfect.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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