Where did all the stuff go?

You know what is great?  Unlimited cost-effective hosting from one company that supports WordPress sites.  You know what isn’t great?  CPU throttling.  Apparently it is some kind of weird problem I have been having with my various websites.  I have noticed for the last few weeks that my plug- in had been telling me my site was “down” for upwards of an hour each night.  I’m used to this kind of thing when you go over your “bandwidth” or have too many visitors on those free sites…but not somewhere when I paid and it was “unlimited”.  My hosting company said it was probably something like a plug-in that was triggering this throttling.  I had been having some problems for the last two months with slowness, even when I was working on my websites.  One specialist said something has been hogging my resources.  Only, no one could help me find it.  I did find a whole extra data base on one of my domains that shouldn’t have been there.  That would account for some of the things the SQL log told me was triggering the slowness….uhm yeah I don’t use those…..but they were loading somewhere from this other data base.  Yeah.  I deleted it.

So, if you notice that I no longer have a newsletter  or a pretty twitter feed on my blog that’s pretty much the reason.  I went through all my websites and optimized them the best way someone that doesn’t know what that means can….I deleted a bunch of stuff I didn’t need or wasn’t working.  That’s why the newsletter went in to rubbish bin….I wasn’t writing it and nobody seemed to open it anymore; plus,  it was a plug- in that I didn’t seem to need anymore.

I have run a few more checks lately and it appears that I have had no throttling for the last 24 hours, which is good.  Let’s just hope it stays this way!



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