Verses of Athine: Scene Illustration

My author friend Yelle Hughes, whose book I reviewed the other day, had this fantastic idea of illustrating scenes from her book to be posted for others to see.  She told me I should try this too.  Many years ago I did try this, but I didn’t really know what to do with the pictures.  So, now I have made a new one.  You will find picture and below it the scene the illustration is referring to.  I hope to make this an ongoing project and I hope you enjoy this illustration!

Kinir at the Fountain

“Welcome, Harmonia! Come sit with me beside the fountain. I know why you have come. You would like clarification of your father’s prophecy, correct?” Kinir asked as she motioned for Harmonia to sit next to her. Kinir was beautiful, but she always wore a sad expression. She had long blonde hair, which she wore partially up on her head. The rest of her bright hair streamed down her shoulders. Her eyes were a peculiar shade of grey. Harmonia studied Kinir’s face for a long time thinking that it was familiar, but she could not place how she knew her.

“Yes, great Oracle, I am seeking to find the true answers. I have tried to fulfill the prophecy you have given my father, but it does not seem I am the one that can unlock the stone golem. I was hoping you could give me some insight. I want to make my father happy, but I do not want to waste his time. He is very much set on his plans to rule. In order for that to happen, you have told him the stone golem must awaken. I have tried for twelve consecutive days and nothing has worked. I do not know what kind of power is needed to unlock this creature,” Harmonia explained…


You can find out more about my books at The N’Loron Universe .  This scene is from Verses of Athine:  The Daughter of Ares Chronicles.  It is a full length novel that is broken into four stories and is about 90K words.  Right now I have it on sale for $3.99.  Book 5 in the series, which will be a full length novel, will be publishing in late 2014 and is called Cursed Bloods.  You can watch a trailer or two here on YouTube!


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