Why I Probably Will Not Review Your Book

About two years ago, when I had a different blog and no  more books to write, I decided to start reviewing other people’s books to fill my time.  It was fun for a while.  I was getting all kinds of books and blog promotions.  Unfortunately, my time started becoming full of new projects and new books for me to pen.  I closed up the “review part” of my existence, removed my name from all the places I had previously submitted for reviews, and took “reviewer” off most of everything.  The requests stopped coming and I focused on my own novels, cover art ventures, and working OT in the real world job.

However, the last three weeks I have had a sudden influx of people who have found my email address and are essentially spamming me with requests to be on their street teams, do reviews of their books, and maybe work with their publishing houses.   I have never spoken to any of these people before; so, I really have no clue where they got my contact information.  Maybe people didn’t really update those lists.  I have no idea.  It’s just odd after almost a year of no one contacting me at all that the skies open up and I get 12 requests in a day.  Did someone flip a switch?  Did one of my reviews launch someone’s career?  If so, please let me know.  LOL.

Instead of replying to them all, I am just going to send out a blog post.  I do not have time to squeeze in book reviews anymore.  I just can’t.  Not that I wouldn’t read your book or help you, but I just cannot find time to read even the free books I downloaded.  I took up reviewing when I was essentially out of creative things to keep me busy.  I have since found plenty of irons to throw into my fire.  So, to all the people out there getting ready to fire off an email with your books attached…don’t do it.  Save the email for someone who has time to give your book attention and a proper review.


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