NANOWIWHAWHOWIE (You Know That Writing Thing) RECAP

Yup, I made it through November.  I made myself a promise though, I wasn’t going to do that nanowhee whee thing.  (I never get those initials right and I never say it right LOL)  Why?  Because I already had a 50K plus novel coming out in November.  Also, because I’m still on a writing hiatus.  I have a whole novel in my head that I’ve been thinking about for awhile.  One day I hope to write it, but not right now.

After I got done with Cursed Bloods, I just felt exhausted.  Like all my creative energy was just done and I never wanted to write another book in my life.  I thought that taking some time off would help me foster the love for writing again.  Nope, it just created a new obsession.  I promised myself I would get my Necromancer to level 80 and do #LVL80GW2 November instead.  Guess what?   I went ding!  Yet, there are so many other GREAT classes I want to level now LOL.  Oh and I’m addicted to Pokemon Omega Ruby.  I’ve had it for like three days and I’ve already got like 25 of those critters captured.  They are like potato chips, you can’t just capture one…especially if they aren’t the cute ones.  I must have cuteness!  (I already won a cuteness contest LOL).   But I digress….

So, where do I go from here?  I have no idea.  I want to create beautiful things and stories people love, but after 6 prose books I think it’s almost over.  I fully believe Athine’s story ended in Cursed Bloods.  I have options for spin offs, but 5 main stories in that series feels good.  Maybe I’ve actually written all I’m going to write.  I just don’t know yet.  Part of the problem is that I have stopped getting much feedback on my work.  My pictures don’t get many comments or views on the galleries anymore, my blog posts don’t seem to interest anyone, and my books have kind of plateaued on the whole reviews scene.  I would do a blog tour like I have in the past, but I’m just flat busted and broke.

I will continue to host other authors and post from time to time my content, but I really think 2015 is not going to be a year where I write any prose.  Will that help me get the new novel in my head out on paper?  One can hope….if not you know where to find me…in Guild Wars 2 or Pokemon Omega Ruby 🙂


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