Monster High Madness

When I was a child, I did not like dolls that had painted on clothes or color change features.  I liked changing the outfits and there isn’t much you can change when you have a bathing suit painted on with boots to match and a gem stuck in your chest.  I also did not care for the color change features because usually they did not work that well.  I also hated the wigs that they had for dolls. They never stayed on the doll!

Now, I have a child of my own and she is more than thrilled  to have dolls that change color, swim, have painted on clothes, wigs, and removable body parts. Ever since she discovered that her Novi dolls arms came off and their heads popped off easily she has been into make “new dollies”.  I have to fuss at her constantly and tell her the parts are not supposed to be interchangeable.  I have managed so far to keep her from tearing apart the Monster High regular dolls because I fear those little parts will break with too much changing, especially Catty Noir’s tail!

So, what’s a girl to do?  Enter the Create-A-Monster line and unleash the Inner Monster line of Monster High dolls.  My daughter saw these online while I was browsing and she about flipped out because the video showed you taking the doll apart and changing all the parts and pieces.  It was so not what I would want, but apparently everything she would want.  Me?  I want the already made dolls like Frankie and Draculaura.  Her?  She wants to disassemble the dolls and make her own over and over.

I ordered her the Design Chamber, pictured below, which I think was a great deal for $20.00 from Amazon.  It came with the doll, the clothes, and all those little play set thingies.  I was impressed with the quality of the doll and the fact that the wig had a tab that secured the wig onto her head.  You could make this doll over and over.


Empty Box Husk #1. Good deal for the set that comes with a decent quality doll, outfit, and set. $20.00 on Amazon at time of purchase in 2015.


I also ordered her a Monster Starter pack.  Again, this came with a doll and outfit. The only thing I did not like about this one was the lack of real hair.  It was more of a weird vinyl wig, but it was at least durable.


Empty Box Husk #2. Starter kit was a good price for $9.99 since it includes clothes that fit your regular Monster High Figures.


Both of these are from the “Color Me Creepy” line.  I was impressed with the quality of the dolls, the durability of the joints, and what I got for the sale price.  I was not impressed with the “color” change parts.  The bigger set comes with two pens, one cold and one hot, that are supposed to change the color of the clothes and allow you to draw on the doll.  The video and instructions make it look cool, but it doesn’t work as illustrated.  The wig that comes with the design lab was supposed to change color with a spritz and allow you to draw on it with the pen, but no matter what I did, it wouldn’t look like the instructions or video.  That really disappointed my child.  Another issue?  All the water it requires.  Cups of water are just messy when you have a 6-year-old trying to make a monster.

The other set that I purchased was the Inner Monster Fearfully Feisty N’ Fangtastic Love.  This doll has eyes that change when you push on a button on her head.  Yes, it’s a pink brain, but the wig covers it nicely.  I liked the colors of the doll and for under 11 dollars all the accessories.  I was worried that my daughter would have trouble with all the little parts that go in the chest, but actually she was able to get it open and put in the “mood guts”.  This one comes with a real wig and several cool add-on wings that any of your Monsters can wear.


Empty Box Husk #3. Inner Monster Doll. For $10.49 it was a good deal.


The verdict?  For about $40.00, at the time of purchase, I was able to get my daughter 3 Monster High Dolls that she could deconstruct and reconstruct without me worrying will they break.  It keeps her from wanting to take apart her new Cleo and it also gives her shoes, outfits, and some different accessories to use on her regular Monster High figures.  Given that finding outfits for these dolls is hard these days I call that a win-win.  (Random Monster High Tip–I discovered they can wear the Disney Fairy outfits pretty well. In fact, Abby is wearing Silver Mist’s dress!)

Oh and if you go to, like now, you might be able to score the Monster High Inner Monster Deluxe set, normally 29.99, for only $10.00.  My daughter had this in her hot little hands the other day, but it rang up $30.00 and I was like no way.  I might have to wait a few weeks for it to get here, but $10.00 is a good deal for what it comes with.  Other good places to score reasonably priced MH dollies?  TJ Maxx, Amazon, and Big Lots.

So, I say hooray for this line of Monster High dolls if you have a child that likes to deconstruct or mix and match.  The heads of these dolls are made to come off and go back on easily!


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