Review of Sygillis of Metatron

Sygillis of Metatron (The League Of Elder #1)Sygillis of Metatron by Ren Garcia

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have little to no words to describe the love I have for this book. I really liked the characters and the backgrounds. There was only 1 chapter in the whole thing that I did not enjoy, but that’s just me. This book introduces you to the world of Elder and makes you want to know more about the “blue” and “brown” caste system Ren has set up. Action, adventure, romance, lust, and super cool powers in an alien retro-futuristic world. Looking for brave women? Looking for dashing heroes? How about a talking seal creature? This book has it all. Oh and there are beings that eat stars and crazy princesses in war make-up.

If you love sci-fi/fantasy, you will like this book. It isn’t hard to read, but it isn’t one of those “light” reading books either. You read this book to be immersed into the world laid out before you and live with the characters. I could see this being a film or TV show.

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