Broken Inside #poetry

Broken Inside #poetry

When I broke away from you
It broke me inside
Severed me in two.

But little by little
I forgot our love
And all its miserable mystery
You no longer have dominion over me
Yet I am still broken inside-hemorrhaging.

Hearts break
And fall in uneven
Broken mistakes.

Pieces of me crushed into the ground
Beneath the soles of your feet.
I take so many pills
But my body still aches.
I smile on the outside
But I am dead on the inside.

I don’t care that you left me broken and bleeding
You think these chains
You attached to me
Are the end of your misery
But they are the beginning to your end
And the birth of my hostility

I will rise up
I will succeed
I will make you pay for every misdeed.


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