I understand you can’t make time for me.

But could you just hear my plea?

My heart is breaking you see

I’m drowning in misery.

Surely you would see–if you had time for me.

Hope may float, but I don’t have long.

Do you hear that beautiful sorrowful sound?

It is the song of my shattered soul–it is almost at a crescendo.

I am sure you could hear it if you stopped to listen.

Well I am sorry I took up your time.

I know it is valuable to you.

Maybe someday soon you can make me some room on your never-ending calendar of to do.

Maybe someday soon you will stop and soothe my wounds.

But I understand you can’t make room for me today.

I will see myself out of your way.

The best thing about cleaning out your email?  Finding  a poem you never put in a book of your own nor on your own site.  So, today I publish this for you my fans.  Be sure to check out my pre-order poetry book #BROKEN here at the universal link  It will be released as an eBook on 9/18/2016.  If there are enough interested parties I may also make this into a paper version.  The poems in this book are new and cannot be found in Erosion.  Some of the poems have never been shared.  Stay tuned for my updates on how well my cards turned out and my take on Draft2Digital’s process.

Broken Cover


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