I had an awesome time at FrankfortCon.  I met a bunch of people who thought my stuff was cool!  I was also surprised to see so many people who stopped to talk to me KNEW what 3D/digital art was!!!  I said things like Poser, Manga Studio, Daz Studio, and Flame Painter without anyone looking at me like I was crazy.

I didn’t make bank, but I found out several people had seen my name or my artwork somewhere before.  They couldn’t recall where or when, but they knew they had seen them before.  That totally blew me away.

I handed out all my bookmarks and almost all my cards.  Several people came up to me after reading one of my bookmarks and were like I want to start reading this story.  If you were a person that got one of my Athine, Harmonia, Nikeda, or Isri bookmarks count yourself lucky.  I am completely out.  These are now “collectibles” in their own rights as those featured my original character concepts.  I am headed to my new favorite local printer this week to get some more bookmarks made.  These will feature my new branding colors that I have on my signs and my fancy script name!

I didn’t get to take any cool pictures 🙁  I was too busy talking to all the visitors!

Next up is the Gathering of Authors at the Paul Sawyier Public Library.  If you are in the Frankfort area, keep an eye out for this event.  I’ll have some new bookmarks.


PS-I have some exciting releases nearing completion.  In 2019, I will have two books release for sure.  Join my newsletter (do that here on this site) of my Facebook fan group (here) for exclusive looks at the covers and maybe a few excerpts!



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