Mood Board Challenge 2019

Tone Words:
Warrior, Leader, Feminine, Spirited, Strong

This week I participated in a Mood Board Challenge I came across in a Facebook ad. The challenge was put on by Sarah Masci and the first step was to sign up over at .

The lessons came via e-mail and opened up in some kind of “learning hub” as the e-mail called it. Feedback and interaction in the Facebook group dedicated to this challenge really helped. Now, normally these kinds of “free” things are pre-recorded, auto-dripped drivel intending to lure you in to buy something bigger and better. This one was different. I received feedback on almost all of my posts from Sarah. I was surprised at the quality of the information provided.

I’m still not 100% sure I know what I am doing, but I learned about some cool tools. I had to use Canva for the template, but when the shared template wouldn’t open in Canva for whatever reason, I ended up creating my own based on looking at the available templates. (I *am* a deconstructionist when it comes to these kinds of things LOL!)

The picture here is the final product. I have two others, but I like this one the best and I think it’s most appropriate for sharing. I chose to go with my own artwork b/c, after all, I am selling art too!

You also had to find “tone words” and create a “VPN”. That wasn’t easy, but I think I have a pretty good idea.

VPN: I am an artist and author creating unique stories and art for the women seeking entertainment with representation because everyone needs a character that’s more than just a side-kick.  

Colors:  Pink, Blue, Purple, Gold, Black 

Tone Words: These underwent some revision after someone looked at my board and I thought about it. My final words are: Warrior, Leader, Feminine, Spirited, and Strong.  

I don’t know if she will be doing this mood board challenge again, but if you get a chance to participate, you should.


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