A Year Of Goals:  That Brass Ring

A Year Of Goals: That Brass Ring

WOW! How in the world did it get to be November? Can you believe 2020 is around the corner? Yeah, no, let’s not think about that too hard! What I do want to talk to you about today are my 2019-2020 goals and how you can help.

Fourteen years ago I made a lifelong dream of mine come true when I published my first book Poetry For The Chronically Heart Broken And Depressed. It was a crazy paper book complete with my first self-made cover. It sported hand-drawn art on a few pages as well as a place for “notes”. It was hard to do, but I did it all on my own back in the dark ages when self-publishing wasn’t so easy. And do you know why I published that book? Because I was told it couldn’t be done. Nobody likes poetry, nobody pays for it, nobody will publish it. Funny thing is, I seem to be stubborn. Why wait on some traditional publisher when I could do it all myself, my way?

Fast forward to now and I am a published author with countless titles under my belt. I have traditional books but I also have everything from art books, to poetry books, to comics! I’m proud of the work I created and I keep striving to make each new endeavor better and better. But there are two things I am missing out on…”Best Seller” and “USA Today Author”.

October of 2019 I had three anthologies drop. I didn’t plan it that way, but it happened. Today, I’d like to share with you all those anthologies, my goals, and how you can help.

First up is the anthology where I am trying to reach #1 Amazon Best Seller. This book is a more traditionally published book from Balance of Seven and features my short story called Scorpions of Justice. True to my lore and mythology loving self, this story has a nice splash of Egyptian Mythology woven into it. For a limited time this book is on sale for $0.99! I’ve had the honor of reading the other 11 stories in this book and they are all amazing. Want to help me out? You can purchase the book HERE.

The next book is an anthology where I am trying to hit a much bigger goal, a really high brass ring if you will. This book is aiming to hit USA Today as a best seller. If I could hit the list I’d have my “letters” forever and I could show up to events as a USA Today author. You don’t know how cool that would be for this little girl from a small town to “hit it big”. For a limited time this book is also on sale for $0.99! You get 20+ full length UF and Fantasy books. I’ve included my long awaited story, The Price of Magic, in this anthology. This story has never been published and is over 60K words. Will you help me grasp my brass ring? You can purchase the book HERE.

The final anthology I am listed in is From Pen To Page which is from my local writer’s coalition. It’s so nice to have a local group of authors to talk to. Some are career authors while a few are just starting out and have come to learn about publishing and writing. The purpose of this book is to raise funds for our group so we can have local activities like book sales to promote other local and regional authors. We also want to show younger folks that you can publish your work and it be every bit as good as something sold by a traditional publisher. Will you help my group have awesome sales? This title is available on Amazon for purchase HERE.

I also have a slew of books sitting in my editor’s inbox. Plus, the final installment of The Monster Hunter Tales will be releasing in 2020! I can’t wait for you all to read it!

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