#WomenWednesday:  Happy New Year

#WomenWednesday: Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Although this blog will drop at 12 AM on 1/1/2020, I’m probably fast asleep LOL!

One of the big things I’ve learned from all these courses I’ve been taking is most people want you to have some kind of overall theme. For some people this is an easy task. For others, like me, well we’ve been wandering around in the dark for a long time!

In 2018, after much struggle with themes and brands, I created the #WomenWeaponsMagic tagline. I had another tagline at the time created with my branding package, but when I posted WWM in a course thread trying to help a fellow student with their tagline, my class mentor mentioned how much she loved the Women. Weapons. Magic. And that my friends was the start of understanding my brand!

However, it wasn’t until 2019 when I completed a free “mood board challenge” that I really began to find themes in my works. I finally began to understand WHY I write what I write. That’s how I came up with my VPN statement: I am an artist and author creating unique stories and art for the women seeking entertainment with representation because everyone needs a character that’s more than just a side-kick.

The VPN statement and a lot of soul searching were crucial in my attempts to articulate my why: I never felt represented in the entertainment I loved. Growing up I loved sword and sorcery like Conan and He-Man. But where was the character I could dream about being? Oh that’s right, #15MinSideKick or #SexyLampShade. Quite frankly, there wasn’t enough female centered entertainment out there for me. Even now, at the dawning of the 20’s, I feel like there should be a whole lot more female led entertainment available.

So, for the last few days, I’ve been hard at work trying to write up interesting posts focusing on women making history. These posts will focus on both recent women and historical ladies. Why? Because there still isn’t equality in anything. Because there still isn’t equal representation in most things. Also, I find myself inspired by bad ass women…so I figured my followers might be as well.

I am planning on posting a story here on my blog on almost every Wednesday about an interesting woman! Why not commit to every Wed? Well, it’s because I’m not just grabbing a link and pasting it on my blog. I’m reading several articles about each lady and then writing my own small feature. This is hard when you have about a zillion other things to work on!

I don’t have a featured woman up today as I wanted to introduce the series, but if you follow my social media, you will see an article about a cool new hotel opening in D.C. which is focusing on awesome women!

Happy New Year!


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