The Author Talks:  My Top 8 Instrumental Songs for Writing

The Author Talks: My Top 8 Instrumental Songs for Writing

Even though musical talent was one of the few creative outlets my genetics did not bless me with, music is something I still hold dear.  You can’t throw a rock without someone telling you how music is important.  Even I did an experiment in Psychology class based on the Beethoven Effect.

For me, music has a way of changing my mood and providing a creative boost.  I’ve read this is especially true for INFJ creatives.  Regardless, there aren’t many people who would deny music has a way of enriching our lives.  Perhaps it could even be said music was one of the first ways to tell a story.    

I love to make playlists to listen to while writing.  It used to be a lot harder to find music, but with the invents of such things as Shazam, which is the only reason I ever wanted a smart phone, figuring out the song you only catch a sliver of is easy.  I love to watch TV and movies and some of the things I watch have powerful songs I wouldn’t otherwise have listened to.  (I’m looking at you CW shows!) I’ve found Shazam helpful in identifying these mysterious songs.

Another great music tool I have is Pandora.  I love the “AutoPlay” feature where after you listen to a song you like the program will find you similar songs.  Some of the songs are by the same artist, but about 50% of the time I find a new to me song.

Many articles will point you to classic music as the “best” to listen to, but I think contemporary music has a lot to offer contemporary creatives.  So, today I’m sharing my top instrumental songs. 

Dad Tyler Bates

Sisters Tyler Bates

Message for the Queen Tyler Bates

The Shadow of Venus Apocalyptica

Sacra Apocalyptica

Beautiful Apocalyptica

I Promised My Friends Steven Price

One Bullet Is All I Need Steven Price


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